Sol Residence Borhanci - A healthy community

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to live in a healthy neighborhood, with community core values such having a sustainable way of living, incredibly low energy use, green energy alternatives, breathing healthy air or staying close to nature? 

We are currently building one of the first  Premium Passive House and Prosumer development which shares all those values. 

Eight houses for eight families that could live in a home which is easy to maintain, with no energy bills to pay monthly. 

Incredible view. Amazing surroundings.


Built in Borhanci Neighborhood, Cluj-Napoca, ten minutes by car from the city center. Having the land on a slope, the houses will benefit from an incredible city view from above. The area beneath the terrain has no other buildings nearby, nor will the legislation allow high rise buildings.

 Nothing will change that view. 

Private development.


All the tenants will have a private road, accessible by a private car barrier, making the  small community be safe and sound, 

Two parking spots for each family will be assured along the way,  on a  green-mineral mixed surface.

Private chargers for electric cars will be a feature we hope you will enjoy. 

The playground for every family mood


The design of the development implemented a transition from the public area to the private area of each family. 

All the houses have a front yard, accessible for your kids and their friends to play in, while everyone else can relax and enjoy their private, silent times in their own backyard. 


interior with style


All the eight houses are two storey houses. The living area is a huge open space, having a twelve meters long perspective that visually connects the front yard to the backyard. There are going to be three to five possible bedrooms, three bathrooms, and plenty of space for your family to live a healthy, comfortable life. 

Healthy energy performance house



The houses are built in a healthy, sustainable, zero-energy building system developed by BIOBUILDS. Wood-based materials, like timber, straw, cellulose, wood fiber were used for the walls, and only premium, exquisite, natural materials like wood or rocks flooring and wall slabs were used as finishing materials. 



Passive Houses and beyond. Your house will be a prosumer, producing more energy than it uses. The extreme low energy requirement, which results from the quality insulation and airtightness, is met with solar energy and a heat recovery ventilation system that is going to bring down your bills and responsibly use the Earth’s resources. 

The development characteristics



It will provide you constant clean, fresh air, because what you surround yourself with at home matters more than you think.

 It will filter all the pollutants that come from outside, and choose the best, low VOC materials that are going to be exposed inside. 

It will maintain humidity and CO2 levels in the comfort range, because your body and brain need the best conditions for their development. Your health relies on you thinking long term. 



The building industry is accountable for almost 40% of the total CO2 emissions globally and it is on the rise. Every component of your house has a carbon footprint that influences the greenhouse gasses emissions, impacting on the global warming potential and eventually harming the place we now all call Home: the Earth. 

It’s time to embrace sustainable design, circular material use with recyclability in mind and the use of long lasting materials that are sourced from trustfull suppliers. 

Zero Energy


There is a free tool that is simple to use, that can completely change how you feel and live inside: the SUN. No overheating in the summer, no cold draughts in the winter. But a Passive House is just the beginning of a long journey of energy efficiency.

 If you hop on, you'll never want to look back. A Zero-Energy House is just like a Passive House, but better. They are so airtight, well insulated, and energy efficient that they produce as much renewable energy as they consume over the course of a year.